This year we are creating awesome Volunteer opportunities all over the festival where you can work, bring the good vibes, make friends and earn GA admission!

We are looking for volunteers who are hard working, well spoken and carry themselves professionally as members of the Lost Lands team. You will be on the front lines of the festival, so your smiles and helpful attitudes will make all the difference to your fellow headbangers.

Help us make Lost Lands an amazing experience for all, and have fun along the way!

To become a Lost Lands Volunteer:

1) Send in your Application

2) We will respond within 2-4 weeks to let you know if you’ve been accepted

3) Send Volunteer Deposit of $250*

4) Complete at least 3 6-hour work shifts at Lost Lands

5) Receive your Volunteer Deposit back minus $25 non-refundable Camping Fee*

Lost Lands Volunteer Applications are now closed.

Thank you to all who applied! You should hear from us within 2-4 weeks of the day you applied.
If you are still interested in volunteering please send us an email and we’ll add you to our waiting list: [email protected]

*Volunteer Deposits: If selected to volunteer, you will be asked to submit a $250 deposit securely over PayPal. After the festival, you will be refunded the full deposit minus a $25 non-refundable camping fee. This covers your accommodations in our private Volunteer Campgrounds where you are encouraged to camp and meet up with your teams throughout the weekend. If you do not complete at least 3 full 6-hour shifts, you will not receive your deposit back.

Volunteer Teams

On the application you’ll have the option to select which teams sound the most appealing to you. We will do our best to place you in one of your requested teams, but we will give preference to those who can be flexible based on staffing needs, so try to check as many boxes as you can!

Greeter – This very active position involves greeting patrons with smiles and high fives as they enter camping or festival areas.

Security – This is a stationary position where you will assist patrons as they enter major security checkpoints by providing smiles and important reminders.

Dinosaur Security – This is a stationary position keeping an eye on our dinosaurs to make sure people are not hurting our prehistoric friends.

Lost and Found – This is a stationary position in our Lost and Found locations, and will require experience with google spreadsheets and good organizational skills.

Campground Rovers – This is a very active and social position. Rovers are continuously patrolling the campground assisting with campers needs, giving out water, and otherwise keeping an eye out for everyone’s well being.

Hydration Team – This a very active and social position. The hydration team works in the festival grounds giving patrons water, assisting with any needs and generally keeping an eye on the event and alerting event staff to any issues.

Green Team – Lost Lands is going green! You’ll drastically reduce our footprint on the environment by helping sort disposed recyclables into appropriate bins. We’re using a new conveyor belt system to keep the process as efficient and clean as possible.

Info Booth – Info booth volunteers give patrons information about the event. This position is stationary and will require strong knowledge of specific event information that we provide, ability to give directions using maps, knowledge of the different festival departments, and always having a patient, friendly demeanor.

EMS – If you have medical certifications and would like to volunteer, you will be integrated into our other roaming teams as a helping hand in the crowd.

Volunteer Processing – This is an active position helping our Volunteer Coordinators check in volunteers and getting people ready to do their jobs.

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