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2022 Improvements


With Lost Lands going on sale on Friday, it’s time to share some of the exciting updates and improvements coming this year!


Working with the venue, one of our largest construction projects to date begins this Spring. The addition of new gravel camping lanes, roads, access routes and infrastructure will dramatically improve your entry experience.


Over the Fall the Wompy Woods stage and audience area were massively expanded towards the forest along the entire left side of the crowd. This new area will increase comfort for both GA and VIP, and feel similar to how the crowd space feels at the Prehistoric Evolution stage. This change also allowed for moving the VIP area over to this new expanded audience-left side so that the Wompy Woods VIP will have a much improved audio and visual experience compared to 2021. To address any sound bleed from the Prehistoric Evolution Stage, we are adjusting the sound system and design and adding structures between the two stages.


Big improvements are coming to VIP this year. At Prehistoric Evolution we are adding more entrances, more seating and creating a new flat area to move the food and drink vendors away from the best sightlines. At Wompy Woods’ new VIP location we’ll be adding water stations and more seating. Most importantly, both VIP areas will also have more bathrooms and full-time bathroom attendants to keep everything fresh all weekend long.


This year music will kick off with the exciting new Village Marketplace stage. Starting on Wednesday afternoon, the stage will feature a mixture of both International and local talent.


We hope you enjoyed the first year of the expanded Village Marketplace area, and we are looking at this area as one with a lot of growth potential. This year, in addition to the food, shopping, and activities, you can explore all new art installations, interactive experiences and experiential activations.


We are excited to add this entry option on Tuesday night to help reduce traffic throughout the week. Loading in campers earlier in the week will spread out traffic flow and decrease wait times for everyone.


We heard your feedback on Glamping and have added back complimentary Thursday Early Entry and Parking as included in the cost of your Glamping package. The initial changes came about as a request from our site ops and customer service teams so that they could better plan for the amount of vehicles and the exact date of arrival for all Glampers. We do still need to collect this data, so Glampers should look out for an email closer to the festival to redeem your free early entry and parking passes.


Looking at past campers’ feedback, Quiet Camping needed to be quieter. This year it was initially placed in a small area near Close Car Camping and priced to match so that it would only be purchased by people who actually want a quiet camping experience. We’ve heard your feedback and have moved it out to a nice secluded area of Camp Stegosaurus, and price matched it with GA Car Camping.


Easy Camping has moved up near the Village Marketplace. We hope Easy Campers will enjoy being close to this hub and still be the same walking distance to the main entrance.


Close Car Camping is a throwback to the first few years of Lost Lands, for those of you who want to camp with your cars near the main entrance and aren’t planning on being very quiet!


Lost Lands continues to grow an amazing team dedicated to creating a top tier festival experience. We dream with you about all the ways to enhance our time together each year, and everything listed above is just the start.

Our commitment runs deep toward always elevating Lost Lands. This is why we don’t skimp on hiring the best stage crews, festival producers, art teams, site vendors, and all of the great festival people who are in higher demand than ever before.

If you have attended multiple years, then you know how much pride everyone takes in raising the bar to throw the best Lost Lands yet, and 2022 will be no exception!

The Headbanger family means so much to all of us and we are honored to continue growing with you all this year. We can’t wait to be back at Legend Valley and headbang with you all in September!

– Team Lost Lands

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