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2023 Improvements


It’s absolutely crazy to think that 5 Lost Lands Festivals have come and gone. We could not be more grateful for your loyalty, energy, and the feedback you share to help make Lost Lands better every single year.

Every year the team reads through the feedback from your emails and survey responses to make impactful changes for the next year. There are many great changes being made for 2023, and this list is only the beginning. Thank you for helping us make these improvements!


  • New dedicated VIP-only festival entry portal separate from the main GA entrance area with significantly more lanes for the quickest possible entry.
  • New merch booth within VIP for access to a selection of the most high demand items.
  • Additional air-conditioned bathroom facilities at both VIP lounges with full-time bathroom attendants, and more frequent cleaning provided by a new team.
  • VIPs shower for free across all of camping.
  • There will be stricter enforcement at VIP entry areas. All GA attendees found inside VIP will be removed from the festival.
  • Expanded seating in both VIP lounges.
  • New exclusive WiFi zones in both VIP Lounge areas.
  • The Wompy Woods VIP will be relocated and revamped for a more enhanced VIP experience.

Village Marketplace Music Programming

  • The new Wednesday and Thursday lineups on the Village Marketplace Stage were a great success! In order to encourage even more campers to arrive early, the music lineups on those days will be expanding across multiple smaller stages in different areas of the Village Marketplace.
  • We will also be sure to mark the artists who are only playing on Wednesday and Thursday when we launch the festival lineup so you can plan accordingly.
  • A brand new Silent Disco will come alive in the campgrounds, staying open well into the after-hours. We hope this will make it easier for those of you who want to keep the party going to do so without having to crank tunes at the campsite while neighbors are sleeping.


  • We were happy with the team that took over porta potty cleaning in 2022. We will be extending their duties to include bathroom and shower trailers at all Nests, Jurassic Glamping, and VIP areas.
  • Quiet Camping, Camp Stegosaurus, and Camp Carnotaurus will have new paths that significantly shorten the walking time to the Village Marketplace and road crossing.
  • Additional porta potties will be added to shorten walking distances.
  • An additional Nest will be added near Pterodactyl camping to help make the walks shorter for bathrooms and showers.
  • More shower trailers at the most high-traffic Nests.
  • Further improvements will be made to the campgrounds signage.

Jurassic Glamping

  • Every year there are tons of requests for more Jurassic Glamping tents after we have already sold out. We are excited to announce that the campgrounds south of Kindle Road will now be expanded as the new South Jurassic Glamping area.
  • We have heard your requests and are thrilled to announce that we are bringing back complimentary continental breakfast for 2023 for all Jurassic Glampers.
  • More shower and bathroom trailers will be added to the North Jurassic Glamping area.

Festival Grounds

  • The Prehistoric Stage audience area will be expanded along the vendor area on the left side of the crowd, giving more space along the vendor row and an easy in and out for people entering/exiting the crowd.
  • More trash cans will be added in the highest traffic locations.

Foot Traffic Improvements

  • On Friday, gates will open and music will start 2 hours earlier. This will help spread out the flow of foot traffic crossing the road and get more people in before Licking County’s afternoon rush hour, which should help expedite entry for everyone.

Late Night Sets

  • Raptor Valley’s location will be adjusted to accommodate bigger crowds.
  • Stay tuned for something new to replace The Asteroid stage!

Merch Booths

  • More merch sellers to help lines move faster.
  • Limit the amount of certain high-demand items that an individual can buy.
  • New location for an expanded artist merch tent.
  • A selection of the most high demand items will also be made available inside a new VIP merch booth.

WiFi and Internet

  • Look for the addition of new WiFi and Charging lounges in VIP and Jurassic Glamping. The range will be limited to those areas only so the network is faster and more resilient.
  • Mobile chargers will now be available for rent at locker stations.

Sound Systems Policy Update

  • No Large Sound Systems – This rule has always been in place, but we are updating the size guidance to be extra clear. No speakers larger than 11 x 5 x 5 inches are allowed. Small handheld bluetooth speakers such as a JBL Charge 5 or Sony SRS-XB33 will be allowed. As a general rule of thumb, if your speaker has a carry handle, it’s probably too big. The reason for this extra guidance is because in 2022, campers sent in a ton of complaints about parties and all-night noise in the campgrounds keeping them from sleeping. So above all else, please respect your neighbors! Also, see above for mention of the new all night Silent Disco in the Village Marketplace!


  • Prescription medication is permitted as long as it is in its original pharmacy-labeled container which states the prescription, dosage, and patient name.


  • We are working with our food vendors and general stores to provide more budget-friendly options in both the festival grounds and campgrounds.
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