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Lost Lands Fam,

We hope you’ve all had the most incredible weekend of your lives. But before we get to the last night of music, we want to ensure everyone knows how leaving the Lost Lands site is going to work!

Find your camping area on the map and make sure you are heading in the right direction. Please note that all roads are one-way roads.

RED camping areas will take the longest to get out on Monday morning.

If that’s you and you have somewhere you need to be on Monday, you should designate a sober driver and plan to leave either after you leave the main festival grounds, or very early in the morning. Please alert your neighbors before moving your vehicle, and be extremely careful.

Otherwise, if you’d like to go hard tonight and sleep in, you can avoid long wait times by hanging out in your campsite with your friends until later in the day when traffic clears up.

NOTE: Please make your exit plans before entering the venue today. If you’re leaving late tonight or early tomorrow, it would be a good idea to start packing your campsite now.

YELLOW camping areas will not take quite as long to get out as red, but delays can be expected, especially if the majority of campers attempt to all leave at the same time. The same advice above still applies.

GREEN camping areas will experience the shortest lines as they are closest to the exits.

All West Campgrounds

  • Campers exiting on Licking Trails Road will be split into two lanes. Choose the bottom lane on the map if you plan to turn left, and choose the top lane if you plan to turn right.
  • Campers exiting onto Cristland Hill Rd may not use this exit between 6:00am-9:00am. If leaving in these hours, please head toward the Licking Trails Road exit.
  • Campers exiting onto Cristland Hill Rd must turn right.

RV Camping

  • All RVs must exit at the West Entrance where they entered. Do NOT attempt to exit by driving toward the Village Marketplace and Route 13 / Jacksontown Rd
  • All RVs must be in the right lane and must turn right onto 303 / Licking Trails Road. Use the upper path shown on the map.
  • There will be pumping services available before the 303/Licking Trails Rd. exit for additional charge.


  • If you are parked in the South Lot, you can find the shuttle at the same spot it dropped you off in front of the box office.
  • The bridge will be open for crossing. Please be patient and careful with other campers bringing their gear over the bridge. You may also cross the road every 15 minutes on the hour when crossing guards allow.
  • You will not be able to bring a car from South Lot or anywhere else into the campgrounds to load your luggage and gear.


Please exit the way you came in. You will be directed east on Kindle Rd.

Final Notes:

  • Campground Showers will close at 10am on Monday. Only Nest 1 and 7 showers will be open on Monday morning. Jurassic Glamping showers will also be open.
  • Limited Food Vendors will be open Monday morning in both the Village Marketplace and Jurassic Glamping.
  • All Long Haul and Airport Shuttles will pick up in the same place they dropped off. Double check your ticket and do not arrive late for your pick up time.
  • Shuttles to the South Lot will run throughout the day.
  • TRASH: Remember to leave your camping space as clean as you found it. Respect your space as you do in your own home. Please bag your trash before you leave!
  • Call Clever Towing at 740-624-9475 if you need a jump, a gas refill, a tow, or you’re locked out of your car.
  • As a tip, you may want to wipe off any temporary marker on your vehicle before hitting the road.

Thank you so much, Headbangers. It’s not goodbye, it’s see you next year! Thank you all so much. Get home safe!

– Team Lost Lands

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