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Headbanger Helpers

Join the Headbanger Helpers!

The Headbanger Helpers are a dedicated group of compassionate, positive individuals whose mission is to take care of their fellow Headbangers throughout the festival. You will find them spreading good vibes while focusing on keeping their fellow headbangers safe.

You have two options this year:

1. Join the Headbanger Helper X Team:
The Headbanger Helper X Team is an elite, paid group of Headbanger Helpers that work 12hr shifts each day of the event. The X Team will be the Leadership for the Headbanger Helper FanStaff team at the rail and in our Safe Haven. Additionally, exclusive members of the X Team will be working in the crowd to assist any patrons in need, make sure everyone is hydrated, and enhance everyone’s experience. Spaces for this team are very limited and will be filled through interviews with Headbanger Helper Management.

The X Team is hosted by Excision Presents. This program runs in tandem with Fan2Staff, but is not directly affiliated with them.

2. Join the Headbanger Helper FanStaff Program
If you think you would be a great addition to our team, join the FanStaff program! Work hours are capped at 18 total over the event, so FanStaff can have enough free time to enjoy the event. Fans are encouraged to purchase the FanStaff ticket for access to the event when off-shift and Staff Camping. If you already have a purchased ticket, you can join the FanStaff team as a Ticketed Fan Helper, working only 12 hrs over the course of the event – just be sure to select this option in the FanStaff application.

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