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Allowed & Prohibited Items



NO Illegal substances
NO Liquor. Only 1 case of beer or 1 box of wine permitted. See Campground Alcohol Policy below for more info.
NO Glass of any kind except handheld mirrors under 12″x12″. No standup mirrors.
NO Glass vape juice bottles, plastic only.
NO Glass lighting. Plastic tipped Christmas-style lights OK.
NO Large sound systems (if neighbors ask you to turn it down please respect their wishes)
NO Weapons of any kind
NO Knives (including cooking and steak knives)
NO Pepper Spray or Mace
NO Generators (RV onboard generators OK, no external)
NO Selfie Sticks
NO Tanks of compressed air, helium, nitrous, etc.
NO Aerosol products/cans except Sunscreen and Bug Spray
NO Bonfires
NO Fireworks or any kind of explosives
NO full-sized propane grill, charcoal, butane or fires of any kind (small propane grill ok)
NO Tiki Torches
NO Sky Lanterns
NO Animals of any kind (for more info see
NO Laser Pointers
NO Drones
NO Golf carts, dune buggies, segways, off-road motorcycles
NO Large metal key chains
NO Spray paint
NO Paint markers
NO Stickers
NO Flyers
NO Bicycles, Strollers, Skateboards or OneWheels
NO Unauthorized vending or selling of any products
NO Logo-wrapped canopy tents
NO Milk Crates


  • You are allowed to bring one case of up to 30 aluminum cans of beer per person OR one box/plastic container of wine per person.
  • You cannot bring any liquor, glass bottles or kegs.
  • If security deems an excessive amount of alcohol is being brought into the campgrounds, they may confiscate the excess amount of alcohol.
  • If you plan to bring alcohol (a reasonable amount of beer or wine) into your campsite and have campers under the age of 21, you may only bring enough alcohol for those 21 and over. Furnishing alcohol to minors is a FELONY and local/state law enforcement will be present in the campgrounds. Please drink responsibly.
  • Please do not put your alcohol into coolers before arriving as this will slow down your entry search.


We are required to carefully scrutinize the entrance of commonly abused prescription drugs to the festival. For these commonly abused prescription drugs, anyone needing prescription medicine at the festival must present the pharmacy-labeled container which states the prescription, dosage, and patient name to our medical staff at each entrance gate. Patrons are only allowed a sufficient supply of commonly abused prescription medication for the festival and travel days according to the prescribed dosing schedule.

Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions


YES Reusable water bottles (Empty)
YES Hydration Packs / Camelbaks (Empty)
YES Single-compartment backpacks (maximum 12“ x 12“)
YES Purses (maximum 12“ x 12“)
YES Ear Plugs
YES Fanny packs
YES Makeup
YES Hand Sanitizer
YES Chapstick and lip balm
YES Lotion/Sunblock
YES Sealed Tampons
YES Eye drops
YES Wet Wipes
YES Cigarette Packs (Sealed)
YES Lighters
YES E-cig/Tobacco Vapes and Mods
YES Vape Juice in Plastic Bottles (Sealed)
YES Cameras (anything but pro equipment – GoPros OK)
YES Disposable cameras
YES Mobile Phones, external batteries and chargers
YES Walkie Talkies
YES Festival Totems (see Totem Rules below)
YES Kandi
YES LED Lights
YES Flow arts like hula hooping, poi, gloving, orbiting
YES Costumes are encouraged! Full face masks must be removed when going through security.

*Do not leave valuable items in your tent. Instead, lock them in your car or locker. Lost Lands is not responsible for any materials misplaced, lost, or stolen.

In the interest of minimizing plastic waste, we highly encourage all fans to bring an empty reusable water bottle or an empty Camelbak with you inside the festival each day and take advantage of our free water stations located around the grounds.

If you must bring a disposable plastic water bottle with you into the festival grounds, you may enter with a maximum of two (2) empty bottles.


NO Illegal substances
NO Outside food or drink (unless for medical or religious reasons)
NO Alcohol may be brought into the festival grounds
NO Open containers (empty reusable water bottles & empty Camelbaks OKAY)
NO Glass of any kind
NO Weapons
NO Knives
NO Pepper Spray or Mace
NO Tanks of compressed air, helium, nitrous, etc.
NO Aerosol products/cans except Sunscreen and Bug Spray
NO Fireworks or any kind of explosives
NO Open Flames or Charcoal Grill
NO Tiki Torches
NO Sky Lanterns
NO Animals of any kind (for more info see
NO Professional cameras/GoPro attachments
NO Selfie Sticks
NO Tripods
NO Laser Pointers
NO Drones
NO Large speaker systems
NO Frozen water bottles
NO Excessively large/long metal key chains
NO Large purses or bags (Max 12″×12″)
NO Stickers
NO Fliers
NO Beach Balls
NO Markers, pens, spray paint
NO Paint markers
NO Strollers/Skateboards/bicycles
NO Folding chairs and/or camping chairs


We love your totems, we promise. But we also love being able to see the stage, allowing our prehistorians to take great photos and videos, and above all else, keeping everyone safe. We ask that everyone please follow these guidelines as they will be enforced at the security checkpoint.

  • Maximum height including pole: 6 feet. Combining multiple poles to create extra long totems will result in security asking you to return it to your campsite or surrender it.
  • Poles must be less than 1-inch diameter
  • No extendable poles
  • No extra poles
  • No wood, aluminum or metal (use something light like PVC)
  • No Inflatables
  • Nothing that can poke, stab or fall causing injury
  • NO hate speech, negativity or illegal activities. Security reserves the right to deny entry to totems they deem unacceptable.
  • Totem Heads: Decoration: Totem heads will be limited to 2′ measured diagonally. Must have artwork on all sides. Highly creative totem heads will be more flexible on size, but please keep it reasonable. Originality is encouraged!
  • Flags may be 3’x5’ or no more than 4’ measured diagonally.
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