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Leave No Trace, Headbangers! Keeping your Campsite Clean is Easy

Posted: 09-26-2019

Headbangers, we ask that you please respect these sacred grounds, and leave your campsite cleaner than you found it! We have made it super simple!

  • Keep trash bags open at your campsite and place your trash in them! If you need extra bags, stop by the main camping entrance, the general store, or look for the Gemini “Nothing Wasted” Team.
  • You can drop your bags next to any campground trash can, our team will be around to collect them all weekend long!
  • We recommend keeping your campsite fresh by taking the trash out daily rather than waiting until the end of the weekend. At the end of the weekend, please leave trash bags at the closest gravel road.
  • If you have damaged tents, please fold it up neatly and drop at the nearest drop point on the way out.

Plus Prizes: Every night at the Prehistoric Paradox and Wompy Woods, we will have a trash cleanup party as soon as music ends! Stick around and help us clean up and you could win some awesome prizes.

Thank you Headbangers, we appreciate you! Leave No Trace is one of our core festival values which we hope you will bring back with you and into the outside world.

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