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Lost Lands Fam,

As we continue to plan Lost Lands 2024, we find ourselves overwhelmed with gratitude for each and every one of you who made last year the experience that it was. Your energy, passion, and helpful feedback transformed the festival into our most successful and smoothest operating event yet.

A festival of this magnitude is a big undertaking every year, and we are happy with the continued improvements. We hope that you are, too. After reviewing the feedback, we wanted to share some of what you can look forward to in 2024.

Ticket Pricing

It is important to us that Lost Lands remains generally affordable, so we have set most prices as close to last year as possible.

  • GA Admission has only increased by $25 in each tier compared to 2023.
  • Ticket prices have not increased *at all* for GA Car Camping, Quiet Camping, Tent-Only Forest Camping, GA Tent-Only Camping, Early Entry or Parking Passes.
  • As in past years, $25 Loyalty Discount codes will still be sent out to everyone who registered their 2023 wristband, valid for one-time use through Sunday, Jan. 21.

Payment Plans

Last year we saw the highest number of purchasers ever for the $50 Deposit Payment Plan. This plan will be back for 2024, but only for the first 3 days that tickets are on sale!


This epic travel bundle is back! Purchase your tickets, hotel booking, and daily shuttle rides all in one. Choose GA or VIP tickets and stay at one of six different hotels in Downtown Columbus with direct shuttle service for maximum convenience.

The Bridge

This was probably the biggest festival improvement of 2023, getting everyone from camping into the festival faster than ever! We will continue looking at ways to improve road crossing for those who can and can’t use the bridge based on your feedback and our observations of peak crossing times.

Grove Stage Area Improvements

Premiering this new stage area and the Silent Disco was almost perfect, but the thing we heard the most about was the dust. It was a relatively dry summer in our region. For this year, we’ve got plans in store for mitigating dust and overall improving the area to better accommodate the crowd.

Growing Club Cloaca

When we were first planning this speakeasy, it started off as an idea to humorously teach people what a dinosaur’s cloaca is. Then, it grew into a place where artists could pull up for unscheduled late night sets, experiment with new music, go b2b with friends and play different genres. There were way more fans that wanted to get into Club Cloaca than we could fit, so this year we will further develop the space and allow more people to experience it!

Expanded Entrance Lanes

Gate Entry times were faster than ever with more lanes for all attendees and VIP getting a separate entrance area! VIPs really enjoyed the new flow of entering directly into the Prehistoric Stage VIP area. Improving wait times will continue to be a focus for the team across the entire festival.


We received great feedback about the new entrance area, the dedicated merch booth, free showers, and more! We will continue improving Wompy Woods VIP restroom areas, Wi-Fi zones, seating and furniture, and further enhancing the VIP experience overall.

Campground Music

It was amazing to see so many Headbangers come out for two full days of partying in the campgrounds before Lost Lands officially started! Music in The Village Marketplace and The Grove will be back in full force this year featuring some of your favorite artists on the lineup.

Expanding Jurassic Glamping

Premiering the South Jurassic Glamping area was a huge success last year, and it sold out just as fast as North did. So due to popular demand, we are excited to introduce a third location for 2024: Village Glamping!

Wi-Fi for Glampers and VIP

We got great feedback about this addition to Jurassic Glamping and VIP areas. We will continue improving this by keeping a closer eye on it and making sure it’s working well for everyone.

Shuttle Buses

There will be more shuttles to and from the South Parking Lot for day parking, especially during peak hours.

Once again, a special shoutout goes to everyone who shared their valuable feedback with us. Your insights have been instrumental in shaping the festival and making it what it is today. As we look ahead to the future, we are inspired by the love and dedication of this incredible community. Thank you for being the beating heart of Lost Lands!

With sincere appreciation,

– Team Lost Lands

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