Official Lost Lands Shuttles Available for 2018

Posted: 07-03-2018

Lost Lands has partnered with to bring you convenient, state-of-the-art shuttles to get you to and from Legend Valley.

This year we’re introducing 2 different shuttle systems: The Dino Express Shuttle for daily trips between Legend Valley and Downtown Columbus, and the Long Haul Shuttles to bring you from other major cities in the region directly into the campgrounds.


If you’re staying in Columbus, the Dino Express Shuttle is the best option. This pass gives you unlimited rides between Downtown Columbus and Legend Valley throughout the weekend. The ride is about 40-60 minutes each way and it’s a great way to avoid the hassle of driving or Ubering. You can choose between a 3-day Friday-Sunday pass, or a 4-day Thursday-Sunday pass if you’re planning on hitting the pre-party (which you totally should do, just snag the Early Entry add-on).

The Shuttle picks up at the Downtown Columbus Bus Depot (50 E Rich St, Downtown Columbus). This is super convenient if you’ve booked a room in one of our Columbus Preferred Hotels, which are just a 5-10 minute walk from this shuttle’s pickup.

Different from last year, the Dino Express Shuttle will run on a set schedule rather than a continuous loop. That way you can plan your schedule around it better. You can see the schedule here.

There is also paid parking available at the pickup location, if you’re not within walking distance. You definitely don’t have to book a hotel in order to use the Dino Express Shuttle.


Our official Lost Lands Long Haul Shuttles provide comfortable, convenient transportation to and from the major cities surrounding Legend Valley.

You can find rides starting from $19, with plenty of room for you and your camping gear. You’ll just need your ticket, your ID, and everything you need for the weekend.

If you’re considering taking a Long Haul Shuttle, you will want to book a seat well in advance. Sales end either when a bus sells out, or 24-hours before departure. Don’t wait too long!

There are cities marked as “Waitlist” in our list of Long Haul locations. Choosing “Waitlist” shows your interest in taking a bus from that city. If enough people want a ride from that city, we will add it to the list and notify you immediately! You may also see here to request a new route.

Check out the map below for all cities with Long Haul Shuttle service.

Visit to explore more details, pricing and all Shuttle FAQs.

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