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Support Squad

The Support Squad is a dedicated harm reduction group of compassionate, positive individuals whose mission is to take care of their fellow festival attendees. You can find them spreading good vibes, offering support, giving hydration, and providing event information all weekend long! They are the go-to people for headbangers who need assistance or want someone to talk to.

Look out for the Support Squad at the rail, in the crowd, and at the Safe Haven!

Joining the Support Squad gives you the opportunity to work in the live music industry while creating unforgettable memories. If you are interested in joining a group of passionate, like-minded individuals while giving back to the Bass Music community you should apply!

Please Note: Unlike previous years, this team will work throughout the entirety of the event. Support Squad offers paid positions which require you to report to work at Legend Valley the morning of Thursday, September 21st through Sunday, September 24th.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Support Squad team, please use the following link to apply!

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